THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X and Shorty Rails)

THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X and Shorty Rails)

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Introducing the New FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X, Og Pint & Shorty Rails currently untested for Prowler)

“I believe the FlightFins WhisperWide for Pint, Shorties and Growler will be the go-to tire for people like me who have been craving more stability for smaller setups. This means you're less likely to flip over heel or toe-side and more likely to land big and techy Onewheel tricks. The WhisperWide tire is awesome for beginners to advanced riders." -Brenden Schurmeier “Floaty McFly”

-Designed in partnership with Hoosier for Pint X and after market rails including Shorties and Growler.
-Gives you a new level of stability while also maintaining a nice level of responsiveness.
-Same epic compound as the FF Whisper XR with a slightly thicker skin for durability.
-Will be the lightest custom Onewheel tire on the market (3 oz lighter than og Whisper!

*WhisperWide has very tight tolorances. In those cases you can ride the tire down a bit or if you want more immediate results pavement shaping can give you more tire clearance. Pint and Pint X are ok and do not rub.

Customer Reviews

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David Graham
FF Whisper Wide

I recently upgraded my pintx to the FF whisper wide. I have about 200 miles on it now. Wow, what a difference! Stable ride and still excellent carving ability. Huge upgrade over stock. Wish I would have done it sooner.

Paul Zimmerman
Changes the OG Pint

My son and I have had them on our OG Pints for a few weeks. Thanks to Flight Fins and being awesome!


Incredibly smooth versus the Vega. I can’t describe how incredibly smooth it is.

Ultra quiet. It’s a silent float versus the Vega.

My mileage is marginally better versus my Vega. I ride the same ride to and from work everyday so that’s my reference point.

It’s wider and much more stable than the Vega. I feel confident and the stability is very improved.


Changing a tire is quite the task. So not a tire con, just my own con.

It’s super soft to start so rocks get stuck in it from time to time. FF reassured me that over time that will happen less and that’s exactly what’s happened.

All in all, I love it so much. I never understood how much a tire would matter and this brand new design is exactly what I always (and didn’t even know) I was hoping for.

Drew Starks
Best upgrade I’ve made to my low-rider og pint!

Hands down! Switching from the Hoosier treaded to the Flight Fins Hoosier Whisper Wide was the icing on the cake for what I was looking for out of the OW experience. Since buying my og pint as my introduction to OW, all I knew was the squirrel-iness of the common pint tires. Then one evening my friend let me use his “growler” for a 3 hour night ride which really got me comfortable and helped me to fully fall in love with the float life. Instantly I wanted to upgrade to an XR but do to some more pressing priorities, it just hasn’t been in the cards for me yet. So I decided to see if I could get as close to mimicking that smooth feeling of “sidewalk surfing” that I had coming down the Orange Avenue bridge here in Daytona Beach on my friends growler. First I installed an aftermarket lift kit, in reverse, to lower my center of gravity almost a whole inch. Then I saw that they finally began to market the WW even for og pint (which I had wanted all along but didn’t see anything before saying it was compatible) and everything else is history! I now have so much fun shredding around the streets and the shore here on my pint. So much stability heel-to-toe and carving has become so much fun as now I’m not constantly working just to stay on. Moreover, now whenever I see anyone asking for recommendations for the best wheel for their pint/pint x, I tell them there’s no comparison to the Whisper Wide. It’s been the true game changer for me!

Whisper quiet!

And so soft! It is like riding on a cloud! Going off to the trails is fun too as it absorb a lot of the rocks and roots.

David Roberson
Duuuude… this is the tire you want!

This is the perfect tire for the Pint X, IMHO. It’s super carvy, but somehow rides a straight line as easy as a more square tire. The compound is soft, so I’m guessing it may wear more quickly than a firmer tire. It’s great on the street or off-road. Overall I can’t recommend this tire enough.