TailRails "Blem"

TailRails "Blem"

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*Any "Blem TailTails" sold through our site are near mint and will only have slight shelf wear. If we are sold out here feel free to reach out in an email (info@flightfins.com) and we will see if we have any any extras. -FF team

FlightFins and Badgerwheel are stoked to announce their first collaboration, Tail Rails!

Affectionately known as "Seven Second Rails" after both Brenden Schurmeier and Kyle Hanson crushed their top Strava times by seven seconds on the highly competitive Whoops trail in Los Angeles, these rails are built for speed and downhill.


  • Bomb technical or steep downhill with confidence that your tail has additional clearance and will avoid scrapes that lose you speed and control
  • Ride in Mission for a classic feel with more leverage, or use custom settings to lift the front slightly to create a more locked in feeling
  • FlightFenders fit with no modification
  • Switch board direction for extreme hill climbs without using Elevated
  • Easily tighten your inner hub bolts through the center hole with the included ball end wrench, or add BadgerBite hub locker and never worry about inner hub bolts again.
  • Optional custom black rail guards by FluxSkins with FlyingBadger logo and racing stripes
  • Enough clearance to ride out Captain Morgans up to 150% longer after a day of trail busting