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FF Goat - Onewheel GT/GT-S Tire

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Goat is back in stock! Supplies limited. 

Goat (noun):  a hearty, often feisty, animal with supreme abilities to traverse various extreme terrain including steep inclines, unpredictable dirt, chunky-ass rocks, and mountains. The Goat is intelligent, curious, and constantly exploring anything unfamiliar it comes across. A voracious creature, this Goat will happily eat anything you throw at it. 

We designed and brought to market the beloved Whisper & T2. Now we invite you to experence our newest creation. "The Goat" for GT.

This tire is for 6.5 hubs (GT rims) only. The GOAT will not fit a 6.0 hub.


  • We diligently worked with our manufacturer to keep The Goat responsive, and playful. Its also much lighter than stock and gives the feeling of boosting torque.
  • Like the T2, The GOAT, while created for off-road will also be a favorite for those that ride all terrains.
  • Aggressive, custom-designed, FF tread that extends down the sidewall, instilling confidence for deep carves that grip dirt on a whole other level
  • As with our other popular tires we gave the hide of The GOAT a custom dialed durometer that significantly reduces unwanted board vibration, quiets the ride, and drastically improves your off-road performance
  • We used community feedback and our many years of experience designing tires to make the adjustments needed for a new level of responsiveness while still having that stability needed at racing speeds

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Michael McDonald

It's better than Tom Brady

Josh Wilhelm
Loving the GOAT

Awesome tire! It tears up the chunk off road and is not too loud on road!

Kit Patterson
Just what I needed

After putting 800 miles riding trails / off road on the stock treaded OW tire another rider with about 20k miles experience recommended this tire. What a difference a tire can make. A pleasure to ride. Smooth, soft, nimble and solid.

William Collier
The hype is real

Perfect combination of stable and carvy. Rounded sidewalls really let you dig in and the grip add tons of torque.

Best tire on a 6.5” hub, hands down.

Ethan Schrunk
Better Than Stock Treaded by a Lightyear

I don't have much experience with tires other than stock, but this one is incredible. Turning is effortless, as is staying stable at speed or when moving slowly. Truly eats anything you put before it. Very nimble. Glad to not be destroying my knees on trail rides anymore :)