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FF Falcon II System
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FF Falcon II System

FF Falcon II System

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*Currently we are out of talons (inner fin metal holders). If you order (both inside & outside) we can either wait to mail the whole order together or mail the outside for you to use and then mail you the inside (talons) when they arrive to us in the next week or so.

Falcon footholds are modular! Choose your stance! 


Diving in at ludicrous speed, the most modular foot hold system for Onewheel has entered the airspace 🦅

Both inside and outside stances are now available in one compact, lightweight, and durable system that can be customized to suit your riding style more than ever. 

  • Choose your flight stance
    • Wings - Outside holds for high speeds and huge sends
    • Talons - Inside holds for maximum control and trick leverage.
  • Choose your distance
    • Multiple distance settings for each stance with the ability to offset angle for a truly dialed in feeling. 
  • Choose your hold placement
    • Left, Middle, and Right, with two height or angle settings
  • Choose your flex
    • The new FalconFin (compatible with both Wings or Talons) has various tension settings for your preference. Leave it loose for a deep, snug, fit, or tighten the straps to maximize comfort and adaptability for variable foot angles.

The Falcon II System comes with:

  • A set (2) of each
    • Falcon Bracket
    • Face Plates
    • Wings or Talons
    • FalconFins
    • Footpad Spacers
  • Mounting Hardware

Made in America

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lee Olivera
Best service

I ordered some falcons in the wrong size and you guys got back to me so quickly and fixed the order before I had any time to worry. Y'all are top notch

Daniel Miller
Changed Gamer

A totally different and easier ride experience with these!

Kevin Jones
Falcon ll

Man what can I say theses things have made my riding so much more enjoyable these last 200 miles. Locked in when I need to be, and still easy when I don't need to be 😁


Buy them you won’t regret it

Chris Vasilik

Ohhhhhh boy these are fire. Design is to last and wow lock TF in ! Highly recommended!