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Dino Green - MiniFins for Onewheel GT, XR and Pint X

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Introducing MiniFins!


Our new Fins have been designed from the ground up to provide you with the same level of locked-in connection and fun possibilities in a miniature and versatile package.

**A fender is required and must be drilled in order to attach the FlightFins. Adjustable FlightFenders may be purchased here ** 

  • The bidirectional, low-profile, design makes it perfect for those who often share boards and also opens up much more footpad real estate for body varials and other tricks.
  • The new grip pattern improves rubber's natural performance and hold
  • Completely redesigned interior maximizes comfort and flex where it matters most while also cutting significant weight
  • Apple AirTag pocket for protection against board theft
  • MiniFin mounting hardware included (Fender sold separately)  

Better control, the ability to jump obstacles, and a new array of tricks are yours with MiniFins! Singles are now available for those who want just one. 

-MiniFins are compatible with all current FlightFenders and boards including XR, Pint X, and GT with FM stock fender. Installation Video


Customer Reviews

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Lance Barlow

Flightfins are a must . They work really good!

Awesome little fins!

Not a big trickster and I ride a little wider stance but by locking my feet under these it gives the board a whole new feel like going from a surf board to a wake board and these really hold your feet in place! They’re sturdy enough to lift the board with your feet no problem! My only regret is not buying the black! But the green was on sale 😉

Brian Ruttenberg
Mini fins

The mini fins are a great addition to flight fins. I still like the originals (tho heavier) for a truly locked in feel but love the minis on my pint. Still have that feeling of security knowing my feet will stay on the board but lighter and easier to dismount when needed. Great product!

Love it

I bought the whole fender/fin system for my XR and loved the convertible fender, but didn’t love the fins- they just weren’t for me. When I bought the fender and shield for the GT, I decided to try a mini-fin since it was pretty small and out of the way. It’s perfect- small and out of the way, but it’s great when you need to get up a curb. Absolutely worth it.

Jason L
Fun Lil Things

Having never used flight fins before, these lil ones are enough to get me up and over avg sized curbs. These add a new function to the onewheel that's pretty basic yet necessary.