ButterBumper "Discount Blem" Black only- For XR and Plus

ButterBumper "Discount Blem" Black only- For XR and Plus

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*These black Butters are as good as new except for a few minor scratches. Limited stock. 

ButterBumpers are better bumpers! We've packed these full of features and upgrades to make an incredibly durable product that is perfect for those who've struggled with bumpers breaking or wearing out. 

    • Quality, long-lasting, self-lubricated, compound for epic nose slides and tricks.

    • Added material in the right places to help keep your bolts from grinding down and provide the perfect angles for buttering.

    • Redesigned internals for extra controller and battery protection

    • New nose and rear impact bands to protect your footpads

    • Crafted to be used on their own without plates or guards. More protection. Better clearance.

Customer Reviews

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Great bumpers. So much better than stock!

I cracked my rear bumper in 3 places the first day I started doing curb drops. The butter bumpers are much more solid plastic, and are much thicker in crucial areas. They also completely cover the battery box, which FM inexplicably left unprotected. My only issue is I wish they would sell just the back bumper. I didn’t need the front as I currently have fangs 3.0 but didn’t have a choice to buy the rear only. Other than that I have 0 complaints or regrets.

Va Phuong
Best Butter Bumper

I can't tell where the blemish was on the bumper. The installation was not difficult .This butter bumper is money well spend . Flightfins product will be all my future upgrade.

My Opinion
Excellent Bumpers / Blems

These bumpers didn't seem to be blems, less the minor scuffs. The bumpers are great and seem extremely durable. I really appreciate the additional bumper edge on both ends, helping protect the foot plates. Just choose your moments to do drags... Overall, great product!

Wyatt Zeimis
Best bumpers available!

I can’t say enough good things about these bumpers. They’re super smooth and last me hundreds of miles. They make nudges and grinds much easier with how they feel against the concrete. Plus, the slightly added clearance is huge when I’m trail riding. I went from float plates to these bumpers and I’ll never look back!

Noah Davis
Blem butter bumpers for the win!

Really a minor scratch wasn’t a big deal since I planned to shred and beat these things anyways! They’re awesome bumpers and have helped up extremely well at +300 miles