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Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant

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Armor Dilloz Tire Sealant

Developed for the military, and customized for the Onewheel's thin treadwall tires, this is the product to use when performance counts!

*NEW* - Red Dilloz PLUS 2oz of Stans/Goats Milk: We have found this to be a magical formula for various sizes of holes, from pinhole to larger gashes. Add approximately 1/2 bottle of Dilloz Red and 2oz bottle of Stans. 



Customer Reviews

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Andy G
The only sealant you need

Armor-Dilloz red is the only sealant I use on my Onewheels. It’s light and it works great, giving awesome reliability on street or trails. I don’t ride without it.

Works great

Bought one time to fix an existing puncture at it worked great

The one they called Big D
Armor it

So far so good a few hundred miles now on my Hoosier threaded tire and still holding air on it. I adjust tire pressure accordingly. I would buy this product again

Jason Murray
Best tire sealant

I only use Armor Dilloz in my tires. I’ve had punctures in my tires that had slime and they were toast. Any puncture I’ve had with Armor Dilloz is never noticeable as the hole is sealed before the tire loses air.

Michael Lawrence
Best Onewheel tire sealant

This sealant kept me floating after a piece of glass punctured my tire, leaving me with over a quarter inch hole. I rode the tire for another 300 miles thanks to this tire sealant.