THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X and Shorty Rails)

THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X and Shorty Rails)

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Introducing the New FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" (For Pint X & Shorty Rails currently untested for Prowler)

*Tires are currently in stock and shipping (Quantity limited)

“I believe the FlightFins WhisperWide for Pint, Shorties and Growler will be the go-to tire for people like me who have been craving more stability for smaller setups. This means you're less likely to flip over heel or toe-side and more likely to land big and techy Onewheel tricks. The WhisperWide tire is awesome for beginners to advanced riders." -Brenden Schurmeier “Floaty McFly”

-Designed in partnership with Hoosier for Pint X and after market rails including Shorties and Growler.
-Gives you a new level of stability while also maintaining a nice level of responsiveness.
-Same epic compound as the FF Whisper XR with a slightly thicker skin for durability.
-Will be the lightest custom Onewheel tire on the market (3 oz lighter than og Whisper!

*WhisperWide has very tight tolorances. Rim protectors/LifeSavers can in some setups make the tire rub slightly. In those cases you can ride the tire down a bit or if you want more immediate results pavement shaping can give you more tire clearance.