New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!
New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!
New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!
New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!
New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!

New FlightDeck XR with improved grip!

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After years of testing and R & D with OneWheel pros of the sport, we have taken the FlightDeck XR to the next level. This is NOT your basic one size thickness foam grip tape. 

  • For street or off-road riding we created the perfect dialed in, dual-layered concave design. Firm enough to give you the control you are after, yet forgiving under foot for reduced vibration. Meaning you can ride longer with less foot fatigue. 
  • Installation takes less than a minute. Just mount directly over stock grip tape. FlightDecks come perfectly di-cut for your FlightFender system.
  • The high quality oxide grip is the perfect size granule to keep you locked on the board when needed, yet gives you the ability to slide and or adjust your feet when necessary while doing tricks or just moving with ease in or out of the fins. 
  • FlightDeck cleans easily with a nylon brush and water holding up to even the gnarliest of dirt or mud. We sourced the highest quality material in order to increase longevity without sacrificing performance in any way.

Warning: Stock griptape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous - do so at your own risk. GT has been known to ghost (malfuntion when dismounting) for a number of reasons. FlightFins is not responsible for bodily injury, personal property damage or board issues of any kind.
Handcrafted in USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matt W
Flight Deck Rocks!

I purchased a Flight Deck for my XR about 3 months ago. I couldn't be more happy with the product. Unlike how they recommended I installed this directly to my sensor and have not had any issues. I've also already replaced the grip tape and haven't had any issues with adhesion. Would highly recommend as this helped tremendously with the foot pain and fatigue I was feeling with the stock foot pad. 3 months and 200+ miles later it's still holding up great.

Gavin Behr
A good solution for concavity.

I have a set of FlightDecks on my front and rear footpad, and I must say they work wonderfully! A fantastic stick-and-go option for footpad concavity, and an especially easy one to use for those who want a concave front footpad on their XR.

Ryan Renken
Awesome fins!

Everything I've bought has worked awesome. I highly recommend your products to everyone!

Jeffrey Hepburn
Concave is great- pricey and not super durable grip

Having the concave on the front paired with a Kush High in the back gives a very locked in feeling like a gentle GT footpad. I've never had issues with ghosting with these pads either. For the price, though, I'm a little disappointed in the durability. I've had mine for only a few months and it's already patchy in the surface with grip missing along the edges.

That said, I feel like a nice soft concave is almost a must.

Must have for XR

This is the most comfortable and reliable way of having front concave on the front for the XR. I have it on all my XRs, tried everything else and this is it.