FlightShield XR
FlightShield XR
FlightShield XR

FlightShield XR

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FlightShield Pro is here! Made thicker for our more extreme riders, it installs internally (no FlightFins necessary) for a strikingly secure hold and has a tapered designed to show off your FF Hoosier 6.0! Durable and flexible like the FlightShield Original, FlightShield Pro provides added protection from the elements and is designed to withstand the majority of rolls, tumbles, and crashes. The 

XR Logo is a sticker and does not come with the fender. The FlightShield is NOT compatable with certain bent rails including FloatLife WTF rails. TailRails ok.

Original Design by Robert Allen.

Benefits include:

  • Totable & Space-Saving - put it in your backpack and go
  • Safe - shatter-proof, road-ready material with smooth corners
  • Internal Mount – no FlightFins or hardware necessary
  • Innovative Design - shield tabs lock in to FlightFender grooves for a dependable hold
  • Noise Reduction - substantially more quiet than solid fenders
  • Thicker - 1/8" for added durability

Your order will include:

  • One FlightShield Pro

Currently compatible with FlightFender only. 

FlightShields ship separately from FlightFins and FlightFender.

Please Note: During periods of increased traffic such as the holidays or after a product launch, packages may require more than one (1) business day to process shipment. Please allow up to five (5) business days during such periods. Thanks - and ride on!

*XR sticker in photo not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
john Broadhead
The best option out there for muddy trail riding with flight fins.

If you're going to be trail riding in the mud, a fixed fender can clog and leave you stranded. That's the #1 reason I use these fenders from FF. However, I've had two of these snap on me over the years. One from a 16mph nosedive on asphalt (error 16) and the other from a mild board rollover. Hopefully this new version will be better at taking some abuse. Other than that, these have been great!

Aaron Avent
Great like the rest

Haven’t used it yet but seems identical quality to the other ff fenders I have. Great product, no regrets

Jacob Roche
#1 Must Have Mod

My FlightFins have saved me more times than I can count! Best way to describe this would be to explain if you hit a bump that you weren’t prepared for the fins keep you from popping off the board.

Stephen Leech
Flightshield is a must have

Flight shield is one of the best products you can get if you love riding with fins. It's a great product if it's a nice day out and you wanna show your tire off you can easily take it off within 3 seconds. But if your like me and ride all the time your gonna want that flightshield for those bad weather days. It's also such a nice design even halfway through your ride if you decide you don't want or need it on you can easily put it in your backpack without loosing room in your bag

Chris Gomez
Simple Installation!

Very easy to add to your fin setup. You just bend the plastic into place. It’s as easy as that.

The product eventually snapped from pulling the shield on and off — I’d recommend just leaving it on to maintain product longevity. Always expected a roll to break it 🥲