FF Hoosier Street tire (Whisper 6): Onewheel Tire XR, Plus V1

FF Hoosier Street tire (Whisper 6): Onewheel Tire XR, Plus V1

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Introducing the FF Hoosier Street tire
Through continuous prototyping and testing, FlightFins has once again worked with Hoosier to bring you a tire that elevates your float.

***Liquid tire sealant is highly recommended with the FF Hoosier Street. We recommend Armor-Dillo Black

    • Affectionately called the "FF Whisper", this tire's custom durometer provides a whisper-quiet ride and road-feel that almost feels like having no tire at all

    • Dialed-in shape that carves deep and buttery but stays stable when you need it at speed or when landing tricks

    • Featherlight - Weighing in at nearly one pound less than the Vega and a solid pound less than any popular treaded tire for the OneWheel, the FF Hoosier Street has noticeable acceleration and range gains

    • Sized perfectly for the Onewheel and suitable for any psi range

Order includes 1 FF Hoosier Street

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Anthony Mendes
FF Hoosier Whisper 6

Great tire. Exactly what I had hoped for after trying several tires the past year. Couldn't believe how light this tire is. Grip is fantastic on both street and dirt. Definitely will be looking at another soon to have as a backup.

Whisper Tire A worthy upgrade!

Had my onewheel for two years, but intrigued about the new made for Onewheel rubber available; after countless youtube videos and reading a ton of reviews, I settled on the famous ‘whisper’.

Couldn’t have chosen better - between the carveability and extra range, wish I would have bought it sooner. Buying a second for my wife!

Richard B
Whisper 6

My #1 fav tire for the onewheel!!! Thai tire is great!

Noel Bumpas
From "ride" to "float"

Switching from the stock Vega to the Whisper 6 amped my ride immensely! The Whisper adds the "float" that we all seek. FF delivery is free and fast. Order one today, and change your game.

James Morris

FF Hoosier Street (Whisper 6): Onewheel Tire XR, Plus V1