THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" tire (For Pint X, OG Pint and Growler/Shorty Rails)

THE NEW FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" tire (For Pint X, OG Pint and Growler/Shorty Rails)

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Introducing the New FF Hoosier "WhisperWide" Tire (For Pint X, Og Pint & Shorty Rails currently untested for Prowler)

“FlightFins WhisperWide for Pint, Shorties and Growler is the go-to tire for people like me who have been craving a bit more stability for smaller setups. This means you're less likely to flip over heel or toe-side and more likely to land big and techy Onewheel tricks. The WhisperWide tire is awesome for beginners to advanced riders." -Brenden Schurmeier “Floaty McFly”

-Designed in partnership with Hoosier for Pint X, Og Pint and after market rails including Shorties and Growler.
-Gives you a new level of stability while also maintaining a nice level of responsiveness.
-Same epic compound as the FF Whisper XR with a slightly thicker skin for durability.
-Will be the lightest custom Onewheel tire on the market (3 oz lighter than og Whisper!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect stock replacement tire providing more stability.

Eric Woodland
Huge Improvement from Stock

The stock tire on our OG Pint started showing its age, so I installed the WhisperWide. Our kids are really enjoying the smoothness and stability that comes from the shape. I’ve had a Hoosier on my XR for quite some, so it only made sense to bring the Pint up to that same level of stoke. I also appreciated advice from the FF team in terms of mounting the tire and getting the bead set properly. A great experience all around. Thanks!

Great range

Great range on pintx. Awesome stability for new riders. Soft compound

Mindy E.
What a difference!

Just upgraded my Pint X tire from stock to the WhisperWide, and the difference is like night and day. Smoother, quieter, and much more stable. I just wish I’d done it sooner!

It’s just perfect.

This is the ultimate Pint/Pint X tire. Being a very nimble board as it is, this Whisper Wide offers the perfect amount of stability. It’s also very playful, soft, and grippy for a slick. Just an overall fun riding experience.