FF Hoosier Terrain 2 (T2) - Onewheel Tire for XR, Plus, V1
FF Hoosier Terrain 2 (T2) - Onewheel Tire for XR, Plus, V1

FF Hoosier Terrain 2 (T2) - Onewheel Tire for XR, Plus, V1

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The legendary T2 a FlightFins and Hoosier collab is the top choice of OneWheel pros for XR or GTR (GT conversions) using a 6 inch hub. 

"The T2 6” treaded OneWheel tire that FlightFins developed, designed, and tested is not to be confused with any other 6 inch treaded Kart tire Hoosier sells. The T2 is superior in its build quality and made special for the OneWheel. The custom compound and structure are unique and unlike any other kart tire in Hoosier’s lineup.” -Hoosier Tire
    • The T2 has been upgraded with our custom Whisper compound for the quietest ride and highest level of control - whether crushing trails or cruising pavement, the T2 excels on any terrain. 
    • As it is now the lightest treaded tire on the market (including the Hoosier 5.5)
    • the T2 also provides increased range and torque benefits.
    • The combination of a redesigned, Whisper-like, shape and the updated compound makes the T2 exceptionally carvy without sacrificing stability, just like it's slick counterpart. Lower your PSI for a classic feel and increased grip or take it higher for tight response and unparalleled carve.
    • FlightFins logo now molded into the sidewall.

Your order will include:

    • FF Hoosier Terrain Tire

The T2 shines at lower PSI on trails - try running a few PSI lower then you normally would as a starting point.

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Made in the USA


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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Jason Murray
Best treaded tire all the way around

This is the 1st T2 I have ever tried. I have always used Whisperers on my board and the feeling and quality are unparalleled. I figured I would try out the treaded this time. After finding the right psi for my comfort…this tire is a beast. Handles all types of terrains and is super carvy like the whisperer. Flight fins makes the best tires. No contest. Would recommend for anyone looking for a great all around treaded tire that is lite yet super durable. FF’s for life!

Tried and true ATV off-road tire

Been sporting my T2 for almost 2 years now. It's still running laps around my favorite trails, and is only now showing signs of end-of-life wear. Great tire. Great feel and durability. Paired mine with Kiil 6.0 shocks for maximum cushion.

Ryan B.
Hoosier T2 by FlightFins. Great All-Around Tire!!

The T2 is by far my favorite trail tire. The compound is nice and squishy and the tire profile is perfect for trail or street riding. This tire is nice and carvy at any speed and can be aired to almost any psi you like. The T2 is a lightweight tire and you can really feel the increased acceleration compared to stock or other heavier tires. I've ridden every tire out there on every condition, and the T2 stands out to me as the all around best tire on the market. It's great on the XR/VESC platform or on the GT with 6" wheel conversion.

David de Jonge
King of tires

This tire is a beauty, it gives the carvabilty and sidewall support while not taking away from the stability. I feel very comfortable taking this on the FL single-track mountain bike trails littered with roots, sandy soil, and pine needles. It's super soft and absorbs all the bumps from those roots on the trail. Best DAMN tire!

Best tire you can buy

I only ride T2 tires. I even hub swapped my GT to put one on it too. Haven’t found anything that can rival it.