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FF Whisper Xtra Carvy/Nimbus: For XR/VESC

FF Whisper Xtra Carvy/Nimbus: For XR/VESC

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    • Gives the XR a playful and responsive edge almost identical to a Pint
    • Custom compound for stability while still retaining a Whisper-like softness
    • Slightly thicker for added durability but will still be one of the lightest tires available

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Customer Reviews

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Michael D
Xtra Carvy Nimbus

is definitely as advertised! Love the ride feel!

Great pint like feel on xr

I was looking for a carve like a pint and it’s near perfect. It did take 10 ish miles to get a feel for the loss of stability compared to a Vega but the round profile is way nicer than the blocky Vega. A nice surprise was gravel performance is way better on the nimbus probably the softer compound, but I no longer feel like I can’t turn on gravel. Setting the bead was a little tough definitely need lube.

Cortlan Olson
Best XR Tire

I loved the Whisper 6” but the Nimbus came out just before it was time to replace my old Whisper. I decided to give the Nimbus a shot, it’s my new favorite for sure!
I’d say the Nimbus is to the Whisper like what the Whisper is to the Stock Vega. Super carvy, yet incredibly stable on center for high speeds. Turning is is very linear, the more you lean the more it turns, it doesn’t have that sketchy “edge” feel like the stock Vega where it goes from turning slightly to wanting to fall on its side. I just recently picked up a second XR and already threw a nimbus on it too!

Ups and downs any yes I bought a second

If you like to carve hard and lean deep this thing is great. I even use it to eat up dirt and it takes it like a champ. Downside I got a little less then 1000 miles out of my first one but it rides so nice my second one is on the way

FF Nimbus makes my XR handle like the Pint I always wanted

A long while back I upgraded from a standard Pint to an XR. Really, I loved everything about the Pint except the range. So when I got the XR, I found that I really wished it handled like my old Pint. After installing the FF Nimbus, I found it was exactly what I wanted. Not only was it quieter, but it made my XR handle exactly like my old Pint. For me, it's perfection.