FF Hoosier Street (Whisper 6): Onewheel Tire XR, Plus V1

FF Hoosier Street (Whisper 6): Onewheel Tire XR, Plus V1

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Most Pro riders agree the FF Hoosier Street is the best overall tire for a OneWheel. So incredibly fast, carvy, quiet and light! You're gonna love it! Only avalable here at FlightFins.

Through continuous prototyping and testing, FlightFins has once again worked with Hoosier to bring you a tire that elevates your float.

***Liquid tire sealant is highly recommended with the FF Hoosier Street. 

    • Affectionately called the "FF Whisper", this tire's custom durometer provides a whisper-quiet ride and road-feel that almost feels like having no tire at all
    • Dialed-in shape that carves deep and buttery but stays stable when you need it at speed or when landing tricks
    • Featherlight - Weighing in at nearly one pound less than the Vega and a solid pound less than any popular treaded tire for the OneWheel, the FF Hoosier Street has noticeable acceleration and range gains
    • Sized perfectly for the Onewheel and suitable for any psi range

Order includes 1 FF Hoosier Street

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
jordan g
amazing float

Im on my second whisper 6 tire. It is super light, super quiet and super smooth. This is my favorite tire for my XR.

Brady Vallala
whisper quiet

This is the smoothest riding tire ever. Like night and day vs my old one. Highly reccomend.

David Bergeron
2023 whisper still #1

I bought my first whisper tire back in 2020 and still after 3 years it's still the best and smoothest float I've experienced on the onewheel. Amazing tire and the only place to get out from! FF

philip liddll
Thoughts so far (1 week)

Pretty stable ride I feel but but can't prove it's saved me from wiping out a few times when I would have totally wiped out on my old tire (stuff like potholes). I feel like this one might be a little harder to get up onto small bumps from a stationary position (like on the lip of a sidewalk ramp going up) and the wheel is pretty round and makes it so my onewheel is more likely to tip over if it's just sitting there without a rider. Good tire though. I've had it a week. I use my ow every day for riding around my neighborhood in la to go to like corner stores or ride around parks.

Hoosier whisper

Badass tire so smooth and carvey