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FlightFin Extenders for V2 FlightFins

Regular price $34.95 $34.95 Sale

For those that love a wider stance but still want the locked-in feeling of Fins, we are proud to announce our FF Extenders!

    • Adds an inch to the FlightFin, putting your foot closer to the center of the footpad
    • Designed to be durable and lightweight
    • Fits both V1 and V2 Fins
    • Multiple vibrant colors to match all Fins and make new colorways possible

Orders include Left and Right FlightFin Extenders + Mounting Hardware

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Cory Provau
Flight fins give you wings!

Screw redbull! These fins give you wings! These things are awesome. I got did the full fin system for pint, got blue v2 fins, with white extenders, and a clear shield. These fins have unlocked a whole new way to ride. I find myself hitting things I never could before, and a whole new level of control to he board for normal carving too! What are you waiting for! Order!!! You won’t regret it!

Joshua Z.
Don't Ride Without FlightFins

I do not ride without FlightFins! They are the best OneWheel accessory on the market. If I didn't have the FlightFins on my XR and GT I probably wouldn't OneWheel as often as I do. They make it more fun, safer and give me options when approaching different terrains. Are they worth it? What do you think. I'd skip a few meals to get these things if I didn't have the money. They're that good. I ride my boards with fangs and flight fins with extenders. The company is rad and the customer service is great. Don't sleep on these FlightFins. You can teach your kids to ride just by having them stand on the fins. By the time they try it on their own, they already will understand the balance of the OneWheel and learn it instantly.

Andrew A Rhodes
Flight Fins

Awesome products, great customer service!

brett ennenga
Much better!

I feel locked onto the board and a lot more confident while floating! Love my flight fins!

Jimmy Warren
Absolute game changer

Confidence and ability have skyrocketed after popping these on the pint x! For the way I naturally ride, I added the extender in the back and left the front standard. Only four stars, because I am seeing some cracks on the baseplate where the flight shield attaches to the deck. No breakage yet though. Not too worried about it at this point. Buy with confidence!