Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)
Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)
Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)
Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)
Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)

Onewheel GT FlightFender System (Pre-Order)

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(Set-up currently offered in black ONLY. Shipping in July) 

*Shield and trim are designed for GT stock rails. They are NOT compatable with aftermarket GT rails that have bends or curves. Please check with manufacture to confirm compatabity. Lighting Rails are compatable without trim & shield. 

We've redesigned our FlightFender System from the ground up and made sure it lives up to the hype and power of the Onewheel GT!

  • Naturally Wider Stance - The FlightFender lofts over the footpad, giving you a more comfortable stance which can be widened even further with Extenders. As of June 1st '22 currently compatible with all after market footpads for GT
  • More Durable Than Ever- We designed the FlightFender GT to withstand even the most epic crashes. We also used the highest quality high strength nylon
  • Higher Fin SlotsNow more room under the fins for those who have larger feet and higher soled shoes or boots 
  • Bolt Locking Zipper - First seen on the Pint Fender, this texture substantially improves the fins grip on the back side of the fender.
  • Improved Shield System - The FlightShields now lock into hooks built into the back of the fender which provide a much more reliable hold and even quieter ride
  • Hidden Light Bar - The Light Bar now sits on the inside of the FlightFender, allowing for a subtle and convenient way to check charge status
  • Branded Trim - The new Trim pieces complete the system and allow for even more color customization. Trim colors coming soon. 
  • 8 Bolt System - Tried and true, our Fenders lock on to the board and won't let go
  • All FF Fins Compatable- The GT FlightFender was designed to use all FF fins, both V1, V2 & mini. 

*Fins not included in this fender package. 

Order comes with:

  • 2 x GT FlightFenders
  • 2 x GT Trim Pieces
  • 1 x GT Splash Guard
  • 1 x GT FlightShield
  • Hardware

Proudly designed and made in the USA