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GT FF Foam Grip tape (NEW Product!)

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After years of testing and R & D with OneWheel pros of the sport, we have taken Foam grip to the next level!

  • For street or off-road riding the FlightDeck is tested by our team riders. Firm enough to give you the control you are after, yet forgiving under foot for reduced vibration. Meaning you can ride longer with less foot fatigue. 
  • Installation takes less than a minute. Just mount directly over stock grip tape. FlightDecks come ready cut for your FlightFender system.
  • The high quality oxide grip is the perfect size granule to keep you locked on the board when needed, yet gives you the ability to slide and or adjust your feet when necessary while doing tricks or just moving with ease in or out of the fins. 
  • FlightDeck cleans easily with a nylon brush and water holding up to even the gnarliest of dirt or mud. We sourced the highest quality material in order to increase longevity without sacrificing performance in any way.

Warning: Stock griptape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous - do so at your own risk. GT has been known to ghost (malfuntion when dismounting) for a number of reasons. FlightFins is not responsible for bodily injury, personal property damage or board issues of any kind.
Handcrafted in USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Foam grip tape

Great comfort and works putting right over current grip tape to not deal with sensor issues from removal.


It was comfy

Denise Dedic

Great communication - fast delivery. Great followup!

Naz T Rob
Next level comfort and control

My homie told me about these and swears they took his riding game to the next level. Snagged a couple sets and wow was he right. Easiest part I’ve ever installed, with the biggest upgrade to comfort and control. Great work guys!!!

Super Comfy

The stock front foot pad on the GT is pretty hard and unforgiving. This flight deck makes the ride way more enjoyable. I was able to rock out a 25 mile ride in cold weather with zero discomfort in my front foot. The grip tape is super sticky, too. Really helps with feeling locked in and confident going over drops and bumpy terrain.